‘Collidge Students Mistake Priest for Klansman’

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I think at this point we are entitled, if not obliged, to ask, “Just was is college supposed to do for students?” I mean, they call it “higher education,” but who’s getting educated?

And so, because they’re ignorant, foolish, and flighty, they panic when they see a Catholic priest and think it’s a Ku Klux Klan guy.

Collidge Students Mistake Priest for Klansman

Can you imagine going into World War II with these? The D-Day invasion would have pulled up lame at Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Again, what are all those colleges supposed to do?

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  1. The hard sciences seem necessary – pretty hard to learn chemical engineering on your own. But the non-hard subjects taught in college these days can be learned on one’s own time, especially now that we have the Internet. It seems to me it is just a matter of time until most of what we call college will be obsolete. How many people are already getting degrees from accredited universities online?

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