Sorry, No Nooze Today

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I can breathe now, so I thought I might report some nooze.

On second thought, uh-uh.

I mean, really! I spend three minutes on the Drudge Report and it’s all “Sex Robot Apocalypse,” Bernie Sanders is gonna be president, and the governor of the failed state of California predicting the total demise of the Republican Party as Democrats take over complete control of America and turn it into a Third World basket case…

I’m just not up for it. I’m not even sure that any of this is “news” as I’ve always thought the word meant. That’s why I type it as “nooze.”

I’ll be taking hymn requests, though.

7 comments on “Sorry, No Nooze Today

  1. We don’t need no “stinkin nooze” anyway. Here is a hymn suggestion:
    Near to the Heart of God. There are some with beautiful scenery also.
    Something to lift us up instead of dragging us down.

  2. The events I see happening all around lead me to conclude that we are living in highly abnormal times. I don’t claim to understand all that is happening, but I’m certain that it is not business as usual in any way.

  3. As we speak, I am in another online conversation with a friend about the very same sorts of things. It’s like madness has burst upon civilization.

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