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I like to think of how much it hurt to publish that.

Move over, Nostradamus! Dig this line I wrote and published on June 4, 2016:

This is why Donald Trump is going to be our next president.

And how many highly-paid pundits were writing that, back then?

(I must be feeling better. Well, I am! Thanks, everybody, for your prayers.)

Here’s the post in which I wrote that deathless line.

The Worst Lady

“The Worst Lady” was about the Obamas and Hillary Clinton and other Democrat schmendricks wining about what tough lives they have. Donald Trump, also fabulously wealthy, at least spent his own money, not ours.

5 comments on “Lee the Seer

  1. And we silly ordinary Americans assumed that this would be as other elections and that Trump would be permitted to act as the Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Government. Well, NOW WE KNOW BETTER. The Deep State is not only alive and well, but so deeply buried in our governmental structure that there seems little hope of dislodging it.

  2. This time around Trump has a big election money chest and organizations on the ground in all 50 states, something he did not have the first time around when Hillary’s campaign spent over one billion dollars. Tonight is Trump’s kick-off campaign for 2020 at the Amway venue in Orlando at 8:00 pm tonight, and people have been lining up for it since Sunday. Over 100,000 people requested tickets and the building only holds 20,000. Biden has an event and 18 people show up, yet the MSM pollsters tell us Biden is way ahead – what a joke. Go ahead seer, and claim victory for President Trump in 2020.

    1. If those stupid polls were anything but stupid, The White Witch would be president now… president of whatever was still standing.

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