‘Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean’ (2016)

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Don’t you just love the way liberals use words? From being a means of communication, the language becomes weaponized.

Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Beware when a politician tries to sell you any policy that has the word “smart” in it.

Always on the lookout for ways they can usurp God’s throne, humanists have imposed on us their own Tower of Babel experience.

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  1. Good observations, Lee. Smart is a sell-word, these days, as if there are magic devices which solve problems. That is not the case, and devices which actually do so,few problems require a lot of human intervention. Most cause at least as many problems as they solve, unless they are very skillfully managed.

    Diversity is simply a term for enforced conformity. It didn’t used to mean that, but it sure does today.

  2. “Common sense,” when used about a proposed law, is another word that winds up meaning the opposite of what it should mean. Whenever I hear the phrase “common sense laws,” I know I’m about to be presented with something lunatic and/or destructive.

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