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First, No ‘Best Friends’ Allowed; Next…

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It started in Europe, but hoity-toity private schools in America are now picking up on the newfangled education theory of not allowing children to have best friends (https://newswithviews.com/what-do-they-want-in-the-end/). Why not? “So that no one feels left out or excluded.” Or so they say.

Blithering Pinhead Academy, one of the first American schools to adopt a no-best-friends policy, has resolved to carry that principle a few steps farther.

“There will never be any freedom until educators and other experts control every aspect of every human life, no matter how trivial,” says BPA headmonster Iza Dorque. “Here at Blithering, we’re always ahead of the curve.

“That’s why we have just adopted a brand-new policy of not allowing any of our students to have a favorite food. From now on, they’ll have to like all foods equally! Failure to do this will be corrected by torture. Repeated failure will land an offender in Sensitivity Training.”

Ms. Dorque explained, “It’s so evil and un-inclusive to have a best friend. It means there are one or two people whom you like better than anyone else! We will not tolerate such intolerance. It suggests that individual persons have unique qualities. Well, how the blazes are you going to have Diversity unless everyone is exactly the same!

“It’s the same with food. If one child likes tofu best, and another child likes quinoa, the one who likes tofu is discriminating against quinoa, and, by extension, against the child who likes quinoa. It is a microaggression!”

In answer to criticisms that Pinhead Academy’s policies are unnatural, anti-human, oppressive, stupid, and cruel, Iza Dorque called for Security and had the critics forcibly removed.

‘Canada’s Own Little Inquisition’ (2014)

They’ve gone from this to threatening people with jail time if they should happen to use the wrong pronouns.

Remember what liberals mean when they use the word “diversity”–conform exactly to our party line, or else!


The Diversity Ice Cream Shop

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In a nearby college town, social justice entrepreneurs have opened an ice cream parlor “that dramatically illerstrates what Diversity it is all about!” says co-founder Skybird Starchild.

Diversity Cones Inc. offers only one flavor, chocolate, in only one size, and anyone who asks for something different, says Ms. Starchild, “is really asking for it!” Social Justice consultants will force the offender into a back room and work him over until he agrees that chocolate is indeed the only flavor.

“No one ever comes out of our shop with the wrong idea!” exults Ms. Starchild.

To avoid legal complications, Diversity Cones employees wear black masks.

“Don’t even think of coming in here with a trace of Climate Change Denial in your mind,” Ms. Starchild says. “Diversity cannot tolerate wrong thoughts!”

Cornell Profs: ‘Hire No Republicans’

If you’re spending big bucks to send your kid to college, you ought to know what you’re getting for it.

Professors at Cornell University have called for the school to make it a policy not to hire Republicans ( http://insider.foxnews.com/2015/10/18/cornell-professor-hiring-republicans-would-decrease-quality-faculty ). The Cornell faculty is already 96 percent Democrat, so it would not seem the university is hiring a lot of Republicans.

But in the interests of Diversity, that nagging 4 percent must be weeded out.

An English prof and a Poli Sci prof say there shouldn’t be any Republicans teaching at Cornell because Republicans are “anti-science.” That means they don’t believe in Global Warming.

Someone out there keeps guffawing at the idea of an English professor deciding what ought to be the standards for professors of the various sciences.  Actually, almost anything that almost any English professor has to say is funny.

In these hatcheries of Stalinism, the colleges and universities of the Western world, uniformity of thought–“Diversity”–is highly prized and much sought-after. As the Cornell profs observe, where is the university obligated to trot out every inane and ridiculous point of view? It’s all they can do just to keep on presenting the one inane and ridiculous point of view every single day.

My old alma mater, Rutgers, comes right out in its student guide and says there’s no such thing as free speech, so you’d better watch what you say.

College and university–the perfect tool for making small minds even smaller.

Humanist Religion (3): Liberal Control Freaks

If I have learned anything at all from intensively studying current events and history, it’s this: everything said or done or advocated by liberals (aka “progressives”) has as its one and only aim the control of other people. This is what makes them tick. In fact, it is the only thing that makes them tick.

Caveat: Not all secular humanists are liberals. Some are strict libertarians who really don’t care what anybody else does, just that they be left alone to do it. There are atheists who are politically conservative, even socially conservative–a position fraught with logical pitfalls, but they are welcome to it.

Most of the Humanist Manifesto II crowd, though, are dyed-in-the-wool liberals… and they want to control your behavior and everybody else’s. Some are sincerely deluded that they know what’s best for others and why do the rest of us not have the good sense to obey them? (“Sincerely deluded” is actually a tautology: I don’t think you can be insincerely deluded.) That would be your old-fashioned Hubert Humphrey liberal–a nice man, an honest man, with a lot of ideas as wacky as they come.

But mostly, when you examine the policies that liberals insist we follow, you discover that if we did follow them, liberals would gain fantastic wealth and more and more power over others. This is blatantly easy to see in the case of Global Warming. It’s what has driven public education theory for over 100 years. It is what makes the political world go round.

There are few liberals who are as flagrantly obvious as, say, Hillary Clinton, about their hunger for power as an end in itself, not to mention her insatiable piling-up of personal wealth. Most of them do a far better job of hanging the fig leaves. But they are only fig leaves.

Because they have such a monomaniacal need to control others, liberals always try to wipe out even the most trifling and ineffective opposition. Case in point: New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, in all other respects a Party apparatchik in good standing, has been socked with a great big indictment for corruption on charges that the Party just laughed off a year ago. But Menendez opposed Dear Leader’s policy of going soft on Castro’s Cuba; so, for this single trespass, they mean to destroy him. The fact that Menendez’s constituency includes many anti-Castro Cuban voters, whom he must represent or else find another line of work, does not register with the Kremlin on the Potomac. They could have very easily ignored it: “Oh, that’s just Bob Menendez, he has to do that…” But no–off with his head.

If you forget everything else, remember that liberals–who probably account for some 90% of the secular humanists–have an unquenchable desire to control your behavior. Under the banner of “Choice,” they take away your choices. Under the  banner of “Diversity,” they enforce uniformity of thought.

This is what motivates America’s ruling caste at every level, from the lowliest classroom teacher to the pharaoh in the White House. Understand this lust for control, and you will understand everything they say and do.

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