‘God’s Blessing: Nations’

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When God (in Genesis 11) confounded human language and made it impossible to complete the Tower of Babel, it was seen by the human race as a punishment.

But it really was a blessing.

God’s Blessing: Nations

How ancient is the dream of global government! And imagine the mischief we’d get up to, if we ever had it. For all they do wrong, our nations are nevertheless a protection from crimes made infinitely worse by the power of government.

We can hardly be trusted with our own national governments. God knows what a world government would do to us.

‘The New Tower of Babel’ (Newswithviews, Aug. 17)

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“Grovel to your betters, plebs!”

God confounded human language to stop the construction of the Tower of Babel and to keep worse things from happening.

Today it’s our ruling sinners who confound the language… to ensure that worse things happen. 

The New Tower of Babel

“Gee, they must be smart! We can’t understand ’em when they talk!”

They dumb us down in school and college, groom us for our role as useful idiots to the Democrat Party, and only remember us around election-time. Or if they need to whip up a riot for some reason. Any reason.

We are governed by people who despise us and who intend to do us harm. George Washington called the force of government “a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

We need to get those Constitutional Checks and Balances back into shape.

‘Neo-Pronoun Lessons’–from CNN

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Soon our language will mean nothing at all.

[This is the only nooze I’m going to do today–because I have two hymn requests to post, and I’m happy to do it. Also, Josh has made progress in finding someone to fix our car and the situation is no longer hopeless.]

CNN has taken time from its busy schedule to lecture its viewers on the use of “neo-prounouns” to avoid those dreaded “gender markers” that might offend idiots (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/08/cnn-lectures-people-use-neopronouns/). Huzzah. “Xe” and “em” and “zyr” etc., etc. Hey, maybe we can get a **Mandate** forcing us to use them!

The lessons are provided by the Human Rights Campaign–you have a “right” to compel other people to feed your delusion.

Gee, I thought “HRC” stood for “Hillary Rodham Clinton”! Ah, well, what’s the difference? One Far Left crazy’s the same as another.

And look at us, making our own new Tower of Babel!

What the Dickens Is ‘Keto’?

Word-Salad Recipe for Your Upcoming Corporate Meeting | The ...

Word salad, anyone?

Do you want to be hip? Do you want to be cool? Well, just hop aboard the next new bandwagon that comes along… and there you are.

At the supermarket today, the PA system kept babbling about “loving your keto lifestyle.” I have no idea what that means. I thought at first that it might have something to do with Quito, Ecuador. But how do you acquire a Quito lifestyle if you’re not in Quito?

Criky. “Keto” came along a few months ago and now there’s a Keto lifestyle? Patty explained: it has to do with eliminating carbohydrates from your diet. Doesn’t sound like an altogether good idea, but that’s fad diets for you.

I refuse to add any of these newly-minted twaddles to my lexicon. If you can’t express it in a real language–English, Spanish, Welsh, whatever–it’s most unlikely you have anything worthwhile to say.

We seem to be reconstructing the Tower of Babel, complete with a confusion of the language so that those who participate can’t meaningfully communicate anymore.

But that’s OK. A new global government will take care of everything.

‘The Libs’ Tower of Babel’ (2016)

Gender-Neutral Pronouns: How To Use "Xe/Xem," "They/Them," and More | Them

Is this 100% per crapola, or what?

When they sought to build a tower reaching up to heaven, God confounded human language, breaking it up into hundreds of mutually unintelligible languages. This prevented the formation of a world government.

Now leftids confound our language as a step toward world government!

Because hopelessly confused people who can’t express themselves coherently are easier to control.

The Libs’ Tower of Babel

My old alma mater, Rutgers University, advises students “Just shut up!” because, after all, there’s really no such thing as free speech. But if you do talk, they want to make sure you babble idiotically. All those new pronouns, including “they” for “he” or “she,” were only invented to mess up your brain.

O Lord our God, deliver us!

‘A Tossed Salad of Blather’ (2018)

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Sounds like the plot of a horror movie: a cult of feminist wackos acquires children and sets out to raise them to be as loopy as they are. But of course it’s not a movie, it’s really happening.

A Tossed Salad of Blather

This is one of the misshapen products of our toxic “education” system. It’s also yet another form of child abuse. We’ve gotten very inventive in that respect.

God help us.

‘The Second Tower of Babel’ (2017)

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If you ever thought you could study archaeology without being nagged about a lot of Far Left twaddle, you thought wrong. Nowadays archaeology is all about Saving The Planet and reining in White Supremacy. (Barf bag, please.)

The Second Tower of Babel

In fact, you can’t study anything today without having PC palaver rammed down your throat. And it’s all gibberish, they make it up as they go along. (Done any othering lately? How ’bout that intersectionality? Blah! Blah!)

The original Tower of Babel judgment, in which God confounded human language, was a sovereign act of grace and mercy that protected us from world government.

Today humanists confound the language in an effort to set up world government–with themselves in charge of it, of course.

May Jesus Christ deliver us.

‘Babbling About Babel’ (2018)

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Even a fool, King Solomon said, might pass for wise, if he can only keep his mouth shut.

But what we have here is a whole posse of fools displaying their ignorance not just by prattling away about things they know nothing about, but going on to make a documentary about it.

Babbling about Babel

It’s astounding that so many people could be so wrong, all at once. What if someone assembled a whole production company to make a documentary about Abraham Lincoln leading America through World War II? Heaven knows what these films cost.

Well, our apparent ignorance of the Bible does go far to explain the way our country has wound up.

The Libs’ Tower of Babel (2016)

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Back in 2016, Democrats could only leer enviously at all the totalitarium madness going down in Canada. Now they think they’re a giant step closer to doing the same things here. Imagine the delight in any Democrat’s heart when the first defendant goes to prison for using the “wrong” pronoun. There used to be an armed robber in that cell, but him they let out.

The Libs’ Tower of Babel

Who can keep up with the monkeyshines that liberals do with the language? It’s a wonder we can still communicate at all.

Now that they’ve stolen an election, they reckon they can do anything they please.

Yes, Civilization Can Collapse

Trojan War: Is the Myth of the Fall of Troy Actually True ...

We know that individual civilizations can and do go down for the count, never to return. Been to Babylon lately? Carthage?

But the Bible tells us that on two occasions, God overthrew all of civilization. First in the Great Flood; next, when He saved us from the first global government by confounding our language while we were building the Tower of Babel.

We also have a historical example of a whole bunch of civilizations going down at once. Not the whole world, but a goodly chunk of it.

The Year Civilization Collapsed

We watched this lecture again the other night: 1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed. All of the civilizations in the Middle East and around the Eastern Mediterranean: they all fell pretty much at once.

What could they have done? They couldn’t avoid the droughts, the bad growing seasons, or the earthquakes. They couldn’t stop the barbarian invasions. All those stresses, all at once, finished off the whole lot of them. Egypt survived, just barely. Assyria and Babylonia took centuries to recover. The others–pffft!

But we do things to our contemporary, just-about global civilization, that seem purposely designed to bring it crashing down. The transgender movement. Uncontrolled government spending. Tyranny. Unlike earthquakes, these calamities are avoidable. But there are people who do not want to avoid them: because they want to build a whole new civilization on the ruins. With themselves ruling it. And there are others, richer and more influential than crazy revolutionaries, who just want to rule the world, period. Squash it all together into one and call it globalism. They want to undo what happened at Babel; they think they can make it work, this time.

God’s hand is on the tiller of history and He, not they, will decide how it all turns out. “I shake the earth,” He has said, “so that those things which cannot be shaken will remain.”

We’re getting some of that shaking right now, and it’s time we changed our ways. Stop doing stupid lunatic things that threaten the survival of our civilization. Stop with the false prophets, already!

God does not need The Smartest People In The World to save the human race. He has already done that through His Son, Jesus Christ. History since the Resurrection has been a progress toward the Kingdom of God–a progress punctuated by plenty of shakings by which God gets rid of things that ought to be gotten rid of. Like the Third Reich, the Soviet Union. His respect for our free will makes for slow progress; but God lives independently of time. We don’t.

If we want to keep our civilization going, we really do have to take better care of it.