Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

As I rode my bike this morning, I reflected on a few truisms that took me a long time to acquire. I offer them now as a quickie course in understanding our times.

No one goes home poor from Capitol Hill.

When our ruling class talks about our “rights”, they only mean a supposed right to fornicate. Those actually enumerated in the Bill of Rights, they despise and can’t wait to abolish.

When the mayor of your town, the governor of your state, or the high panjandrum of your country describes a project or a policy as “smart,” what he really means is that he and his cronies will make a bundle on it while the public has to live with the consequences.

When they talk about “choice,” they mean only choices that they themselves would make. All others are to be forbidden if possible, or at least made a cause for mockery and persecution.

When they tell you that they want “diversity,” don’t bother to consult a dictionary. To leftids, the word means a strictly enforced uniformity of opinion and behavior. But of course if you didn’t already know that, what hope is there for you?



5 comments on “Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

  1. Free speech in the good ol’ USSA has devolved into meaning whatever the libs, progs, luciferians want it to mean. Anyone with an opposing viewpoint is the enemy!

  2. “Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms.” – Aristotle

    1. That reminds me of the political cycle described by Polybius: democracy degenerates into mob rule; a strong man arises to restore order, and becomes a king, but then a tyrant; he is overthrown by an aristocracy, when then degenerates into an oligarchy; and then the people overthrow the oligarchy and set up a democracy–and start the whole damned cycle all over again.

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