Book Review: ‘Jesus on Trial’ (2015)

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In case you missed it the first time around, on Chalcedon’s website and in our print magazine, here’s my review of Jesus on Trial by David Limbaugh.

Reason isn’t everything, but it is something; and our faith is very often attacked on the grounds that it is not reasonable to believe in Jesus Christ, or to believe the Bible at all. David Limbaugh’s achievement is to show that it is. It is reasonable to believe. He writes as a Christian who fell away from the faith for years but then came back.

That description could be applied to many of us, couldn’t it?

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3 responses to “Book Review: ‘Jesus on Trial’ (2015)

  • Phoebe

    When I was downsizing three years ago, I gave away 80% of my extensive library. This book was part of the 20% that I kept. That’s how good it is. I’ve reread it entirely once and reread parts many times. And yes, the book always renews my thirst for Scripture. But above all, Limbaugh’s appeal to reason seems to me the best part of the book. It was reason that brought me from atheism-bordering-on-nihilism to Christianity in the first place — although it was God’s grace, of course, that brought me to give consent of my will (i.e., true conversion) to what my reason had acknowledged as being inescapably true. So I always appreciate hearing about how other people reasoned their way to accepting Christ.

    And yes, I also appreciate hearing arguments against Christianity, as well. They give me a chance to reexamine my reasons for being Christian, and sometimes engaging with the opposing arguments has given me more reasons for belief than I had before.

    Anyway, great book by Limbaugh. I, too, highly recommend it.

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  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Isaiah in his opening chapter says, “Come let us reason together.” Reason plays a big part in a successful life. The ancient Greeks thought man was at his essence a rational creature. I often find myself when talking of my faith to skeptics saying that the Bible’s worldview is the most reasonable one. But reason does not save – that is the work of God’s grace. Reason is but one of the many tools we have in building the kingdom of God on the earth – you know, working to restore paradise according to God’s laws – you know, disciplining America to be a self-consciously Christian nation.



    Glad to see you reviewed this!


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