‘More Religious Neutrality: NY Times Bans “Jesus on Trial” from Best Seller List’

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Remember this, from 2014? David Limbaugh’s book, Jesus on Trial, was the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon, which would have placed it No. 4 on the New York Times’ list… if the Times hadn’t chosen to pretend it didn’t exist.

More Religious Neutrality: NY Times Bans ‘Jesus on Trial’ from Best Seller List

Having read the book myself, I can’t explain why the Times banned it from its list. It’s just a book about Jesus by a Christian who believes in Him. Uh, wait a minute, I think I might’ve just answered my own question….

7 comments on “‘More Religious Neutrality: NY Times Bans “Jesus on Trial” from Best Seller List’

  1. Remember, being truly neutral requires that we go to any extreme to make certain that we oppose anyth8ng which conflicts with our prejudices. This is neutrality 2.0 and if you dare disagree, the Left will “neutralize” you. 🙂

  2. Not only was the book Christian, but the author’s name “Limbaugh” probably didn’t help, either.

  3. David Limbaugh has been a strong outspoken Christian, and I hope a strong influence on his outspoken brother, Rush Limbaugh. They each have their calling from God. FYI: Both of Rush’s books during the Pres. Bill Clinton years were number #1 on the NTY Times list.

    1. “The Way Things Ought To Be” & “See, I Told You So.” Now he co-writes books for young people with his wife about how America was founded and grew powerful called the Rush Revere series.

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