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Book Review: ‘Jesus on Trial’ (2015)

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In case you missed it the first time around, on Chalcedon’s website and in our print magazine, here’s my review of Jesus on Trial by David Limbaugh.


Reason isn’t everything, but it is something; and our faith is very often attacked on the grounds that it is not reasonable to believe in Jesus Christ, or to believe the Bible at all. David Limbaugh’s achievement is to show that it is. It is reasonable to believe. He writes as a Christian who fell away from the faith for years but then came back.

That description could be applied to many of us, couldn’t it?

Who’s a Bad Christian?

The gate of the Temple of Baal, soon to be erected in New York City. More “cultural change.”

One of my fellow Christians, the guy who said it’s not a Christian’s job to “stand in front of the tidal wave” of–ahem!–“cultural changes,” seems to think I do wrong to object to these changes: as if I were setting myself up as a prophet.

The prophets’ warnings, in his view, applied only to Old Testament Israel and Judah and their enemies. But Our Lord Jesus Christ said, in the parable of the rich man and Lazarus, “They have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them” (Luke 16:29). Does this not mean that the words of Moses and the prophets stand for all time? For God has sent no prophets after Christ.

So I’m not putting out my shingle as a prophet; but I dread, I fear, the consequences of provoking God to anger with our “cultural changes.”

My friend, I think, sees Christians as a small and powerless minority in a fallen world dominated by a lot of antichrists, and there’s nothing for us to do but be nice to others and wait for the Rapture. He admits that Christ Himself said it was known to no one but the Father when this event would take place.

But as I see it, I grew up in an America that was a Christian country, at least outwardly, and that a determined and ceaseless effort has been made to turn it into something else. The effort’s roots stretch back well into the 19th century, but it didn’t really come out of hiding until the 1960s.

Now our “cultural changes” are coming hot and heavy, each one more outrageous, more abominable, and more insane than the last. And I can’t help being sorely upset by it! When you wake up in the morning and find that every major corporation in America is suddenly pushing “transgender rights” like their lives depend on it, that’s profoundly shocking. At least to me.

I believe that if America’s Christians had been more energetic, more creative, and more committed to defending Christian America, we wouldn’t be in this fix today. We wouldn’t see the whole damned (I mean it literally) ruling class piling on North Carolina for not allowing grown men into ladies’ bathrooms. The response is out of all measure to the stimulus. It indicates a deep and burning wickedness within our culture.

So, yes, I object! I have no power, I have no influence, but I object.

And so should we all.

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