Caught! Google Wants to Control the Next Election

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They want to pull our strings…

Project Veritas, maybe the last investigative reporters in America, has caught Google trying to hatch a plan to prevent “another Trump situation” in 2020 (

Now, to understand this story, you have to understand the Far Left Crazy mind-set. They wanted Hillary to be president, and therefor you should have, too. If you didn’t, it can only be because you’re a villain or a fool and no one has to listen to you and your vote shouldn’t count. And they are entitled to do anything, absolutely anything, to get the election outcome that they want.

Veritas has a Google exec on videotape saying Google is committed to “never letting someone like Donald Trump come to power again.” Asked about Far Left Democrat Elizabeth Warren’s call for Google to be broken  up because it’s too big (even a broken clock is right twice a day), the executive said that would be a big mistake because smaller companies “don’t have the resources” to prevent Mr. Trump’s re-election–whereas Google and the rest of Big Tech are “working diligently to prevent” it.

Have we taken a wrong turn into South America in the 1950s? Down there they used to call this kind of thing an imposicion–literally, “imposing” a regime upon the people, usually against their will.

“People like us are programmed,” boasted the exec, proud of something that ought to be a source of shame. The goal, she said, is to have “a single point of truth” across their entire line of protects. That would be Far Left “truth,” of course. The exec admitted that Google suppresses “right-wing content.” “Right-wing” would be anyone who isn’t them.

Has this now gone far enough for you? Do we really want a cabal of grotty little people slipping Bernie Sanders under the door of the White House?

Yo, Congress! This has indeed gone far enough. Break up these self-proclaimed opinion-shapers, break their stranglehold on political discussion, don’t let them do this stuff next year. Make them take their dirty hands off our elections.

Don’t make us see to it ourselves. We know you’re not afraid of us; but you’d better learn to be, if you want to stay in office.

3 comments on “Caught! Google Wants to Control the Next Election

  1. The old 19th century tycoons conspired together to buy the presidency, and nearly succeeded. The new tech tycoons are essentially trying to do the same thing. I do think breaking them up into smaller entities is needed at this point.

  2. Google, Facebook, & Twitter enjoy special treatment by the gov’t – this needs to stop immediately. They should be regulated like the phone companies, at the least. George Gilder in his book “Life After Google” predicts the 5G Internet architecture will bring to an end these three companies dominance. Breaking them up before the 5G is in place might be a good solution as well.

    1. They need to be clobbered before they can mess around with the 2020 election. Which it seems they’ve already begun to do.

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