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Here Comes the Internet Censor!

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But in Britain they don’t have a First Amendment…

Well, the UK is preparing to anoint an “internet czar” to rein in the social media, promote “internet safety,” whatever that is, and prevent “online harms,” whatever they are (https://www.cnet.com/news/uk-to-keep-social-networks-in-check-with-internet-safety-regulator/).

Yessir, they’re gonna set up a “regulator” who will have the power to shut down any sites on the internet where they find any of the following: 1) inciting violence and spreading violent content; 2) encouraging self-harm or suicide (Are you listening, Netflix?); 3) spread of “disinformation and fake news,” whatever that may be; 4)cyber-bullying; 5) children accessing “inappropriate material” (eye-of-the-beholder alert); and 6) child exploitation and abuse content.

To some, “violence” is defined as any failure to agree with their Far Left delusions. To governments, and especially to Democrats, “fake news” is anything they don’t want you to know about, or anything that makes them look bad: but if it’s aimed at Donald Trump, no problem. As for “inappropriate material,” grade school libraries are full of fornication-celebrating “young readers” books.

Do you trust politicians to decide what you can or can’t say on the Internet?

I’d love to hear Brett Kavanaugh’s take on some of this.


Dems’ Yang Has Plan to Make Nooze Media Even Worse

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Ah, the good old days, when government owned the news!

Andrew Yang is a pip, and he wants to be the Democrats’ 2020 candidate for president. So first he comes out with a scheme to give every person “in” America–we think “in” includes people who are here illegally–$1,000 a month; and now he’s got a plan for the federal government to take over the news industry (https://townhall.com/columnists/terryjeffrey/2019/03/20/a-coming-attack-on-freedom-of-speech-n2543404).

In Russia they called it “Pravda.”

Waxing nostalgic for “the days of three major networks and a few news programs that said the same thing,” Mr. Stalin–er, Yang–wants to lay down “rules” for any news reporting or commentary on the social media, and appoint a commissar–er, “ombudsman”–to “identify sources of spurious information that are associated with foreign nationals.” Uh-huh. There’s that pesky Russian collusion again! Boo-hoo, Hillary shoulda been president!

Where was I? Oh–Mr. Yang says “fake news and misinformation spread via social media threatens to undermine our democracy.” Actually we have a constitutional republic, not a democracy; but don’t tell him that. There’s much too much “fragmentation of media,” he says, so we’ve got to “re-unify the media.”

What planet is he on? Well, you can never have too much censorship, can you? There should be no news outlets friendly to conservatism, to Donald Trump, or to anything or anyone else that Mr. Yang and his Far Left playmates don’t endorse.

He has also proposed to create a billion-dollar fund of government money for “local journalism.” Journalism that the government likes will be rewarded. It’s sort of a plan for the government to buy the subservience of journalism–not that there’s all that much “journalism” out there that isn’t already abjectly subservient to the Democrat Party.

Man, I’m tired of covering this nooze. Is there any Democrat out there who’s not crazy? Who’s not a flaming communist? Who’s not trying to turn this country into a Venezuela with cold winters? Oh, there are–only they’re just invisible and silent?

Imagine waking up in the kind of America they’re trying to create.

How anybody but a lunatic, a fool, or a villain can vote for any of this stuff is way beyond me.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 23 (‘Internet Censorship: Running Wild’)

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Since I wrote this, a reader, “John Jr.,” has alerted me to some further information about WordPress deciding to ban Fellowship of the Minds. This argues that WordPress succumbed to heavy pressure from the fake news giant, The New York Times. I haven’t had time to check that.


Leftids don’t believe in free speech. The only freedoms they believe in are bogus “rights” invented just the other day: the “right” to enjoy any kind of fornication that your heart desires, the right to sponge off normal people, and the right to silence anyone who isn’t you.

First Alex Jones, then Fellowship of the Minds–Who’s Next?

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Are we headed back to those good old days, longed for by President *Batteries Not Included, when there were only three news networks and no alternative sources of news?

So first they kicked Alex Jones off the social media, and now WordPress has shut down Fellowship of the Minds for supposedly violating its “Terms of Service” (http://jamesfetzer.blogspot.com/2018/08/james-tracy-wordpressautomattic-shuts.html). No warning was given. No explanation has been offered.

WordPress is owned and operated by Automattic Inc. I looked up the Terms of Service to see if I could somehow deduce how FOTM had violated them. Let me quote what seem to be the only applicable lines.

“Our service is designed to give you as much control and ownership over what goes on your website as possible and encourage you to express yourself freely. However, be responsible in what you publish. In particular, make sure that none of the prohibited items (like spam, viruses, or serious threats of violence) appear on your website” (https://en.wordpress.com/tos/).

None of that seems to apply to Fellowship of the Minds. But there are a few remarks by Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg as to the desirability of shutting out “hate speech,” a term which remains undefined, and “egregiously fake or harmful things.”

The buzz on the Internet is that both Alex Jones and Fellowship of the Minds were censored and silenced for suggesting that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax perpetrated by the Obama regime to inspire gun control legislation. I do not know whether either of them actually said that. It’s a conspiracy theory, and I don’t like conspiracy theories. (I especially don’t like the one that says Donald Trump “colluded” with T*H*E  R*U*S*S*I*A*N*S to steal the 2016 election from the rightful president, our beloved Hillary Clinton. But I don’t see the media shutting down that one.) I don’t believe in “false flag operations.” The only one that ever really happened was in 1939, when Hitler tried to make it look like Poland had invaded Germany. It fooled no one.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, that FOTM did claim that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation. So what? If they can’t prove their case, eventually hardly anyone will believe them. I don’t know that there are all that many people who believe them now.

So you make what strikes a lot of people as a ridiculous statement–and you get cast into the outer darkness for it? The claim that Sandy Hook was a hoax rubs many people the wrong way; and if they believe that Fellowship of the Minds made such a claim, that makes Fellowship a really easy target for the censors. Few rallied to defend Alex Jones. Probably few will rally to defend FOTM. Because what they are supposed to have said is extremely unpopular.

Free speech includes unpopular speech. In fact, if it doesn’t, the entire concept of free speech is rendered meaningless.

As it already has been, for liberals.

Meanwhile, the rest of us non-liberals on WordPress are left wondering, each of us, when it’s going to be our turn to be silenced. It’s unfair to lay everything on President Trump, when it really ought to be Congress taking action against what has become, in effect, a viewpoint monopoly; but most of the time it seems Donald Trump is the only leader in town who’ll go to bat for the American people.

C’mon, Ted Cruz! Prove me wrong.

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