‘So You Want to Give More Power to the Government?’ (2015)

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If you go on a diet that’s supposed to make you lose weight, and instead of losing weight, you just keep getting fatter and fatter…. do you stay on that diet?


Of course you wouldn’t. Why, then, do we keep on giving more and more power to a government that doesn’t know what to do with the power it already has?”Let us Save The Planet!”

No way, sunshine.

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3 responses to “‘So You Want to Give More Power to the Government?’ (2015)

  • unknowable2

    The “education system” have given us a generation of invalids who are more than pleased to allow others to do everything for them.

    • janowrite

      Yes! Not only that, their “education” has not taught essentials like critical thinking. And school and university faculty have apparently been programming their students to a very left political and social agenda while no one was looking. Instead of no politics in the classroom, that’s the whole deal now.

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