Conked-Out Kitties

Quarter to seven, and we still haven’t had our blooming supper. Chinese food tonight: much too late to start cooking. And we have an invasion of flies and no idea how they’re getting in.

Cats, I feel you, guys! If I weren’t so frustrated, I’d conk out, too. But I thought I’d like to post a cat video before I do.

4 comments on “Conked-Out Kitties

  1. We have a lot more flies here than usual, too. Keeps me busy trying to keep them out. sigh…always something.
    My trip to the clinic was worthless again. All my labs show normal. My doc says he is experiencing most of the same problems I am, and he is 20 years younger. Oh, well. I will just have to buck up, carry on, do what I can for myself and depend on prayer.

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