‘How to End Income Inequality’ (2014)

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When you see fabulously wealthy politicians and celebrities yapping their heads off about “Income Inequality,” you have to wonder if they’re quite all there. I mean, they could always give you half their money, to make you equal to them.

But they’d always rather give away someone else’s money.

How to End Income Inequality

Here is an example from history of a nation that actually achieved income equality, if only for a little while.

I think they hit upon the only way to do it.

12 comments on “‘How to End Income Inequality’ (2014)

  1. Oh my! i wasn’t aware of this bit of history. I can see the Left using it as an example of how harmful religious belief is, so society is better off with everyone being secular.

    1. You could’ve fooled me. To me it looks like the Left pursues the supremacy of government over religion and everything else.

    2. Belief in a strong central government is different from government supremacy. Look at FDR versus Stalin.

      The Left doesn’t want to control religion in every aspect, only prevent the worst parts of it from impacting those who don’t wish to participate in it. It’s the reason you’ll never see Islamic Sharia Law in the US, or Christians burning witches, for that matter.

    3. Uh, we sort of gave up burning witches some centuries ago, with no help from the Left.
      It’s the Left defining “the worst parts of religion” that makes me uneasy.

    4. “Harm” has been defined, here on this blog, by a leftist, as simply not climbing aboard the transgender bandwagon. The leftist also labeled disagreement with his position as “violence.”

    5. “climbing aboard the transgender bandwagon” is a reductionist view of social equality.

      The name of the game is making sure no person is withheld the freedoms promised by the Founders. Namely, the American value that all people are created equal.

      You can read up on some of the very real, and sometimes even deadly issues facing Transgender people here: https://transequality.org/issues

      It’s much more than a bandwagon, I promise you

    6. It is incumbent upon me to treat all persons humanely, inasmuch as it lies in me to do so. It is not incumbent upon me to share in their delusions and make myself a party to their sins. My own sins are burden enough.

    7. What is sin to one is not sin to another, in my opinion. But I appreciate your desire to treat all people humanely.

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