‘Atheist Chic’ (2013)

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This was my New Year’s message for 2014. Nothing much has changed since then. Atheists still eschew good manners.


I wonder if they were always so mean-spirited as they are today. I’m not counting college students going through a phase. It’s the ones who never grow out of it who can turn any conversation into an endurance test. But, as Martin Selbrede so often says, we are put here at least to try–and that with gentleness. No one ever got harangued into the Kingdom of Heaven.

But there is rejoicing in Heaven for every one of them who comes to Christ.

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4 responses to “‘Atheist Chic’ (2013)

  • unknowable2

    The anger of these people, bordering on rage, is shocking to me.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    One reason is probably because of the emphasis on self-esteem that has overtaken the gov’t school curriculum. I think AOC is a good example of this as she displays such confidence in the midst of her asinine comments. My wife cringes every time she hears America describes as a democracy, especially when it is by those who are portraying themselves as true patriots, because we are a Republic, not a democracy. Also, what really irks her is when they call illegal aliens “migrants” – but luckily for me she has her Twitter account with which to vent her frustrations.


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