Beware! Robot Can Generate Fake News

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Their next invention: a robot that lets the air our of your tires and runs away

This has got to be the most superfluous invention of them all–an “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) system that can detect fake nooze created by other artificial intelligence systems… and also create fake nooze itself (

Do they really think CNN needs any help in whipping up fake nooze?

Scientists at the University of Washington have programmed computers to do what so-called “real journalists” are already doing every day–creating and airing stories that simply aren’t true. Trump’s a Russian agent. Jussie Smollet was attacked by white supremacists. Covington High School kids picked on some poor old Native American war hero. Those stories were all fake nooze, not a word of truth in them: but each in its turn dominated the nooze cycle.

If there was ever anything that didn’t need inventing, it’s got to be a machine that tells lies.

4 comments on “Beware! Robot Can Generate Fake News

  1. Yeh, we hardly need anything more to create lies. We have WAY MORE than enough of that with our living, breathing …whatever they are.

  2. As you are always saying, Lee, computers are programmed by humans – machines can’t think. A recent fake news was the Trump Administration was not going to fight the court’s decision to not let the question of U.S. citizenship be admitted on the 2020 Census form. Of course, the ACLU immediately weighed in on how adding it would be unconstitutional (as if they would recognize the original meaning of the U.S. if it bit them in the behind). If *Batteries Not Included could have it taken off, why can’t Trump put it back on?

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