‘Are My Books Biased?’ (2013) (Re-run)

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There was a prominent book reviewer in 2013 who wouldn’t review my books because, he said, they were too full of Calvinism.

‘Are My Books Biased?’ (2013)

This reviewer makes a big thing of being a former Calvinist, till he saw the error of his ways and converted to Catholicism. I never heard that he reviewed books only written by Catholics. All I know is, he won’t review books written by me.

So here we go again, having to point out the bleeding obvious: the Temple in Obann is not the Roman Catholic Church; it’s the Temple in Obann and nobody in it ever even heard of Catholics or Protestants.

I’m just sorry my Aunt Betty, a scholar and a nun, died before my books were published. I would have loved to hear her insights!

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  1. Apparently “biased” has become a dirty word. Everything written is biased. Everything written reflects the opinions of the writer.

    I’ll use myself as the example; I’m highly biased towards rural living. I want to live outside of a city, and I do. If I write, my writing will reflect that bias and that bias has many tentacles. Living in the country all but necessitates having pickup truck, so I’m more interested in pickup trucks that, for instance, someone from Manhattan. Living in the country usually means propane, and I have a pro-propane bias. Living in the country usually means buying in bulk, because even the closest town, a paltry little place, is a 30 minute round trip, and you don’t want to take such a trip just because you ran out of soy sauce. Country living means that you need a farm/ranch store, so I’m heavily biased towards those. Country living means no espresso joint every three blocks, so I’m biased towards home-brewed coffee. There, I admitted it; I’m highly biased.

    With regards to your books, I see them as being written with acknowledgement of the Creator, but the religious systems portrayed are separate from anything in the real world.

  2. ALL BOOKS ARE BIASED! What kind of an author would write about something for which he had no passion? My book on John Singleton Mosby was an “apologia” and I stated as much though I did say I was very careful to be completely accurate and as objective as possible because my subject would have rejected anything false even in his defense! In the same way, I had WONDERFUL reviews from people reading the book EXCEPT for two “bought and paid for” reviews and in those two cases, the reviewers liked the book itself, but despised the subject! Go figure!

    Why would someone review a book that was complimentary to an historical person the reviewer despised? I would never review a book that lauded W.T. Sherman! I could NOT be objective! They should have recused themselves. So, perhaps if your subject refused to review your books, he was being more honest than had he given them a bad review based upon his own personal point of view.

    1. I am sorry to say I haven’t tackled the Mosby book yet: the typeface and font size are really hard on my eyes.
      You might not be old enough to remember the Civil War Centennial. Among the treats it offered to kids like me was a TV show about Mosby, “The Grey Ghost.”

      We were a better country then. We didn’t make war on the dead.

    2. I remember the program — and loved it. Naturally, though very popular, it had to go because in the day of “civil rights,” no Confederate could be shown as a hero.

      I’m sorry about the type size. I don’t know what to suggest. I wanted to do an audio book, but it would have cost far more money than I could afford to have it professionally done and I don’t know if I could do it myself. I do have a CD with all the newspaper articles with addenda and comments in both Word and pdf formats. It’s not the same, obviously, but I was able to use all of the resources I had.

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