Byron the Quokka: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 4

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G’day! I promised to give you all Question No. 4 in the Bell Mountain trivia contest and it took me all day to think of it! Running these contests isn’t as easy as it looked.

Right, well, here it is–

Who gave Cavall to King Ryons?

Mind you, you can’t get these answers if you haven’t read any of Lee’s books–not unless you’ve got a special kind of mind that I’m sure doesn’t exist.

And now back to the family nest for a game of Clue!

8 comments on “Byron the Quokka: Bell Mountain Trivia Question No. 4

  1. I really hope Joshua wins this contest…but to give him some friendly competition, my guess is Merry Mary.

  2. The elderly lady out in Lintumn Forest. I don’t know her name, but maybe I can make up by giving some information about her.

    She had lived in the forest for her whole life,
    She knew Helki the Rod since he was a kid,
    She was about to die (which is why she she was willing to give Ryons the dog,
    She had a vision about Ryons coming before Ryons he,
    Ryons thought that she was crazy when he first saw her,

    Sorry, I know that isn’t a valid answer. But I had fun answering!

    1. 🙂 I should read them again!
      I did read the first three books 3 times, before we could afford to buy 4. But all the others I’ve only read once.

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