‘San Fran Not Waiting for the Earthquake’ (2016)

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They’re gonna need a bigger bridge

We don’t believe in God’s judgment, even when it comes right down on our heads.

San Fran Not Waiting for the Earthquake

Anyway, you know you’ve got troubles when your city’s own tourist board complains that the place is done going to the dogs and is now going to the buzzards.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…

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  1. An excellent example of the fact that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES and that those consequences cannot be eliminated by good intentions.

    1. Often, yes. But most of the garbage we deal with in these liberal cities and states is the result of “well intentioned” people who believe that it is possible to have a “utopia” on earth if we just TRY! The fact that it HAS been tried and has miserably failed on every occasion does not dissuade these “goody-goody” liberals from demanding that everyone be equal and that nobody have more than anybody else and everyone be cared for etc. etc. etc. ad nauseam. I cannot help but remember that old song, “Wishing Will Make It So. . . ” It won’t.

    1. That reminds me of the old saying: “God always forgives. Man sometimes forgives. Nature never forgives.” Of course, it’s God who wrote the natural laws. Break His laws and the laws punish; turn to Him in repentance and He’ll forgive and heal.

    2. There’s a catch to it, though–before you can turn to God, first you have to believe in Him. Liberals always trip over that.

    3. That’s because these liberals really believe that they are the “good guys” and DESERVE that dacha on the Black Sea.

    4. They do not acknowledge the concept of private ownership of money or anything else. They believe that as the “good guys” anything that they want is THEIRS because they have “earned it” so to speak. You cannot make the argument about “other people’s money” because if they need it for a “good cause,” the money only belongs to the cause and those who espouse it.

    5. That’s Bernie Sanders’ definition of socialism–the state owns all wealth.
      He is unable to distinguish that from slavery.

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