My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 2 (Don’t Ask Me About the Headline)

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A teachers’union logo: don’t tell me you don’t get it!

Our public education system is killing us. Really and truly killing us. If we want our country to survive as a free country, we have to take down public education.

Here are a very few more of thousands of examples of how bad it’s gotten.

‘Educating Perversion’ With Little Or No Consequences

Of course, if you want your kids to learn racial hatred, sexual confusion, and out-and-out communism, then public school is where you want them to be, hands down.

But if you’re not a Far Left wacko loon, you really need to pull your children out of there.

Teachers’ Strike Looming?

Smaller class sizes not proven but teachers strike for them

They’re whispering behind fans these days that if anyone dares to re-open the public schools, the teachers’ unions will go on strike.

That is not a bad thing.

Public schooling is a bad thing–and this is America’s best opportunity ever to get out from under an overpriced, underachieving, ideologically poisoned “education” establishment.

Read those professionally-printed signs: “On Strike For Our Students.” Anybody dumb enough to believe that has had to go to public school.

I can’t understand public education’s Svengali-like hold on parents. And instead of waking up, they send their children on to college! For more indoctrination into Far Left mumbo-jumbo!

Do you see those people rioting in the streets? Do you hear what they’re saying? The one thing they all have in common is they learned those ideas, they learned those sentiments, in public schools and college. That’s who taught them that America’s a racist hell-hole that has to be torn down. Don’t you see? Don’t you listen? Where is all that wicked nonsense coming from? It’s coming from what we naively and irresponsibly call “education”!

Oh, let the teachers’ unions go on strike! On strike for long enough for parents to learn their kids can do without those teachers and those schools. And certainly without those so-called “lessons”!

Oddly enough, it’s the alleged conservatives who are hottest to trot for opening the schools again. No wonder conservatism in America has taken such a beating: it’s because conservatives are stupid! I mean, we know what those schools are all about, our own people have pointed it out to us a million times–and we want the kids to be “taught” there–by left-wing jidrools? How dumb is that? All you’re ever going to get out of that is bigger riots.

You’d think the teachers’ unions would be salivating over the chance to get hold of America’s children again and finish the job on their minds. Are they afraid the Chinese Doomsday Virus is gonna kill them if they set foot back in school? Why don’t they want to go back to work? Is it just the pleasure of getting paid while not working?

But the important thing is, this is our best chance to grab our freedom back and never give it up again.

Without public schooling, Far Left Crazy in America is dead.


‘Teacher’ Mocks Students’ Religious Beliefs

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Tell me one more time: you send your kids to public school to be “educated” by Far Left unionized kooks because __________,

A teacher at Johnston High School, North Carolina, has been suspended–with full pay, of course–for segregating her students according to their religious beliefs, and mocking the students who believe in God (

“This is an unfortunate incident,” said the superintendent of schools. Ya think? So he’ll “investigate it.”

The alleged teacher had the students line up on opposite sides of the classroom, according to whether they believed in God or not; then whether they supported abortion or not; and then whether they supported “gay rights” or not. Having finished that phase of her agenda, the teacher went on to mock the students who didn’t share her own depraved and indefensible beliefs.

I think you have to commit suicide before they actually stop paying you, if you’re a unionized schoolteacher.

We pay for these schools. Why do we have no say about who gets to teach there?

The ‘Right’ to Teach?

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Where does it say that anybody has a “right” to teach America’s children? Like, you get to stand in front of your class and “teach” the joys of communism, whether the town that pays your salary wants you or not?

Watching teachers’ unions, one after another, throw off the mask of sanity and stand before us as out-and-out Marxists, one must truly wonder: Have we got a national death wish? How can it possibly be a good idea, to have people who hate our country teaching our children—in the public schools that we’re stuck paying for?

It was always a mistake to allow teachers to unionize, and now that mistake is coming home to roost. Teachers ought to serve at the pleasure of the public–period. They are employed by the public, paid by the public, pensioned by the public (heaven help us), equipped by public money–I mean, what part of that is so hard to understand?

We have a right, or flamin’ well should have the right, to decide who gets to teach our children and who doesn’t. If we don’t want commies teaching communism, we shouldn’t have to pay for commies teaching communism.

Teachers’ unions have been bad for education, bad for children, and bad for America. Once upon a time, over a hundred years ago, teachers provided the most articulate opposition to the crazy plans of “educators.” Now it’s the teachers who carry out those plans.

Public education will destroy us.

My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 1 (‘Deliver Us from Teachers’ Unions)

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A whole crowd of commies–and they’re all “teaching” in our so-called schools

Since I wrote this, I’ve learned that yet another teachers’ union, this one called “Redfored” (and they do mean “red,” as in communist), has sent a delegation to Venezuela to pay homage to its colossal failures. But the, er, “teachers” from Chicago got there first.

Deliver Us from Teachers’ Unions

Really–we must be totally out of our minds, to allow these commie wackos to “teach” our children. Do we have a national death wish or something? I sometimes think we do.

Good News from Arizona: the Good Guys Win

They’re “red,” all right–and they didn’t expect to lose

A grassroots Arizona parents group, in a statewide school election, has defeated radical “teachers” and Organized Sodomy (

Far Left teachers, calling themselves #RedforEd, teamed up with “gay” groups to try to impose a new sex education doctrine in Arizona public schools, doing away with language pertaining to “abnormal, deviant or unusual sex practices”–because of course to these characters, the only thing abnormal, deviant, or unusual is a marriage between a man and a woman. They proposed to replace all vestiges of traditional sexual morality with value-neutral “scientific” sex education.

Always beware of anything that any liberal tries to sell you as “scientific.” And remember that “value-neutral” always mean that Far Left values win and yours lose.

Arizona parents got together, forming “#PurpleforParents” as a group to fight the proposed changes. They won the election and forced the state school board to abandon the radical teachers’ project.

For which we give God thanks!

True, they’ll have to fight the battle over and over again because Far Left Crazy never gives us. Never seems to run out of George Soros’ money, either. Leftism arises from Original Sin, so it will be with us until Christ returns and does away with death and sin and pitches the Adversary head-first into the lake of fire, never to be seen or heard from again. Let us enjoy the victories God gives us, in anticipation of total victory by Jesus Christ.

SF Teachers: Teach the Kiddies That Hillary Won

This has been building up in public education for some years: an ideology of teaching that says it’s ethical to teach children things that are…well, lies.

The United Educators of San Francisco, aka another commie teachers’ union, has released a teachers’ guide that exhorts its members, “DO NOT: Tell them [the students] that we have LOST and that we have to accept this [the election result].” It also tells teachers to let the kids use profanity when talking about our new president, Donald Trump–who only won, the union says, “by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.” ( )

This is an awful lot of loyalty to waste on a criminal, isn’t it?

Gee, what are the kids gonna think when they come home from school and turn on the TV and discover that Ol’ Careless Crooked Hillary, despite what they’ve just been told by their alleged teachers, didn’t win the election, after all?

Christians who love and respect their children don’t send them to public school.

Decent people who love and respect their children don’t send them to public school.

Non-idiots who love and respect their children don’t send them to public school.

But what do we know? We’re just deplorables.

Teacher to 7th Graders: ‘Deny God or Fail’

We’ve told you often enough about the public schools, but they just keep getting worse and worse and your children should not be in them.

The latest example: a 7th grade teacher in a Katy, Texas, middle school told her class to deny God or else receive a failing mark ( ).

“Religious neutrality,” eh? Sure doesn’t look like it! But we have told you all along that “religious neutrality” is impossible, and serves only as a fig-leaf for the schools’ ongoing project of indoctrinating children into anti-Christianity.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

Oh! And please don’t think that because you live in a Red state, your kids are safe in school. The same teacher unions control public education in all 50 states. Including yours.