Gotcha! (Startled Critters)

Don’t miss the red panda. I’ve never seen one in a video before. What a gorgeous animal!

But like everybody else in this installment, the panda gets spooked. A few of these victims are pranked on purpose by other household pets. My cat Henry used to like to jump out on you when you least expected it. It would’ve been horribly scary, coming from a giant spider; but your cat? Naaah…

2 comments on “Gotcha! (Startled Critters)

  1. They are almost as jumpy as I am. Doesn’t take much to make me jump,
    and the same for these critters. They are much cuter than I, though.

  2. That last clip was the best, IMO. Those cats almost violated the policy which prevents cats from exercising their power of flight when they can be observed. 🙂

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