More Fun Facts of Gun Control

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Not that any politicians were paying attention, but in Chicago this past weekend, seven people were shot to death. And this in a city famous for its multitude of gun control laws. Amazingly, criminals break laws.

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin brought up a startling fact yesterday, in a guest spot on Mark Simone’s WOR radio show.

If not for the bizarre case of two rogue police detectives who hired themselves out to the mob as hit men (, Goodwin said, there would have been no murders in New York City committed with legally-possessed firearms. There are, of course, hundreds of murders done in New York City; but in recent memory, except for the eight people wacked by the cops turned mob assassins, none of those murders was done with a gun in legal possession of its user.

New York City has pretty strict gun laws, too, come to think of it. For some reason gang members and professional criminals simply pay no attention to them. Somehow they always get guns.

Disarming the law-abiding population, taking away their means of self-defense, is a left-wing project, part of liberals’ scheme to grow the government. They can’t turn us into Venezuela if we’re armed.

And no, they absolutely don’t care how many people get gunned down in Chicago or Baltimore or any other Democrat urban paradise. That’s just life in a sanctuary city.

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5 responses to “More Fun Facts of Gun Control

  • Watchman

    Prison is an example of a gun free zone with absolute security, yet people still get hurt and killed. If someone is intent on doing harm, they will find a way. All gun control laws do is prevent law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

  • Erlene Talbott

    Yes, this seems like a “no brainer” to me. Why would anyone suppose that creating gun laws is going to affect criminals. If laws could stop criminals, we would be fine just the way it is. In fact, if people took the Ten Commandments seriously, there could be no murder at all.

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    What is the difference if one person kills 22 people or 22 people each kill one? Answer, by one killing 22 they become the talk of the country. The more the Dems call for gun control and their goal of an unarmed citizenry the more Republicans will win.

  • unknowable2

    If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

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