Idiot: You’re All ‘Subconscious Racists’

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Yeah, us white folks, we’re all White Supremacists. It’s not just a few dozen skinheads; it’s all of us, all tens of millions of us.

And the worst thing is, we don’t even know we’re White Supremacists! That’s ’cause it’s “dormant,” it’s “subconscious.”

But not to worry! We’ve got liberals to open our eyes for us, confront us with our guilt, and make us sorry that we ever existed!

We’ve got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. ( Lucky us.

According to this idiot in Congress, 28 years old and going on 14, our subconscious White Supremacy “lies dormant… like a virus,” and it’s gotta be “eradicated.” And our country’s gotta be fundamentally transformed, too.

Ooh-ooh! And there’s a new Democrat thing we’ve all got to feel bad about! It’s “mass incarceration.” By which they mean there are too many urban persons in jail. The reasons for them being there are totally irrelevant to Democrats. Let ’em out and give ’em free stuff! The government will make us Subconscious White Supremacists pay for it.

Lessons to take away from this news item:

Liberals are, for all practical purposes, insane.

Liberals hate you.

They hate your country.

They must never again be allowed to take power in this country. Never. Because the next time they do, they’ll destroy us.

6 comments on “Idiot: You’re All ‘Subconscious Racists’

    1. Well, think how hard it is to plead Not Guilty to crimes you only committed subconsciously. Sort of a “Go Into Jail Free” card.

    1. Make no mistake about it–Democrats are fanatically dedicated to the pursuit of power and the radical transformation of America into God knows what. They have made themselves into an existential threat to our constitutional republic and our very way of life.

      It must be taken seriously. They must be totally defeated in the next election–and, I pray, put out of business forever.

  1. In the past I have read books “authored” by Donald Trump, and had read books about him. I didn’t necessarily like him even though he was a superstar celebrity. But when he announced for President I was thrilled by what he said, especially about immigration, and I intuitively knew he was God’s man for the hour! No wonder Satan has gone full-blown against this man (and his flaws in character) who dares to bring America back to her greatness based on Christian principles. The latest is how this New York successful businessman who builds spectacular hotels and resorts, and has had to deal with all kinds of people to be successful in doing it, is all of a sudden a white supremacist. The power of lies. Mark Twain said a lie will travel around the world before the truth gets out of bed.

    1. Suddenly we’re all white supremacists. Democrats say so. I’ll have more to say about that when this allergy attack is over.
      Trump was a celebrity in the New York media market for many years. Frankly, I found him annoying.
      But I can hardly wait to vote for him again. Best president since Eisenhower!

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