Public Schooling: It Really Is That Bad

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This article is about some of the stuff that people refuse to believe is happening in their public schools. They are wrong. For if they did believe it, they would have to tax their imaginations to find some excuse for sending their children there.

Since I wrote it in 2011, the main thing “educators” have added to the mix described herein is the frantic hard push for “transgender.” Y’know, it was only eight years ago. That’s not a lot of time, is it?

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back.

7 comments on “Public Schooling: It Really Is That Bad

  1. Unbelievable, how so much madness can try to masquerade as intelligence and education. What a tragedy for the coming generation. Even in the days when my sons were attending school, it was getting bad, and we had to go and fight with the schools even then, and before graduation, both sons left school on the advice of their dad and with my agreement. I did some teaching at home, and we hired a tutor, but it was nowhere near the level of evil that exists now.

    1. The difference between then and now is, when my parents fought with the school board, the parents/taxpayers usually won. Now they always lose.

  2. True. We made a few pretty good points, got a few things straightened out, but eventually, it just became more trouble that it was worth.

  3. The group that grades the schools in Arkansas has rated Fort Smith Schools 32rd in the state – and I believe it because I have been substituting in them for three years.

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