‘The Vatican and Space Aliens’ (2015)

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It’s an article of faith, with some people, that super-intelligent life is out there in the universe somewhere, and someday the space brothers will teach us how to be as clever as they are. No one expects to discover kind of dumb ETs who can’t believe professional wrestling isn’t real.

And of course it means that if we do find space aliens, well, then, the Bible can’t be true…

The Vatican and Space Aliens

This is wishful thinking.

This is false religion.

I do sympathize with the guy from the Vatican who had to do this interview.


2 comments on “‘The Vatican and Space Aliens’ (2015)

  1. IMHO, it’s really a moot question. I can’t prove if there is, or is not, life elsewhere in the Universe and neither can anyone else. The Bible is mute on the subject, except that it gives us a little bit of information about the spirit realm, but that, to the best of my understanding, is completely separate from the material world.

    They have never gotten any true intelligence from outer space, in spite of spending decades scanning the RF spectrum. If there are aliens out there, they apparently don’t utilize radio signaling. Maybe they went straight to iPods. 🙂

    But it’s all moot. It doesn’t matter. I believe there is a Creator and He has assigned us plenty to keep us busy on earth. His sovereignty is what matters.

  2. Science fiction movies that show aliens from other planets crack me up because they have their weird hands. How are they suppose to do computer code with hands like that – impossible. Or maybe they are so intelligently advanced they can move things with their minds and as a result their hands have atrophied. Adam was the first man – that settles it.

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