‘The People’s Climate March,’ Etc.

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I’m not listening!

Don’t you hate it when people want to “take to the streets” to “change everything”? Like, maybe we don’t want everything changed.

The People’s Climate March (Can I Wake Up Now, Please?)

By now everyone but the most wooden-headed Democrats know that “Man-Made Climate Change” is a big fat crock whose only purpose is to serve as an excuse to grow the government–which has already metastasized well beyond what it should be. It’s their ticket to ride–to install socialism, communism, or any other ism which hands them the keys to the jailhouse.

It’s getting so I automatically disagree with demonstrators the moment I see them. I’m that tired of it.

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    1. Oh, but there’s a catch to it! When they propose to abolish the internal combustion engine, for instance, what they mean is, abolish it for ***you***, not them. You don’t think any of them will have to give up air conditioning, do you? Even in Venezuela, the top dogs are still dining at nice restaurants. While everybody else starves.

  1. I am sick of marching, rioting … any kind of public demonstrations. It just seems so childish and time-wasting.

  2. I’m reading Levin’s “The Unfreedom of the Press,” and he has a chapter on fake news and the history behind it. He really nails it on so-called “climate change” being settled science. What is interesting in Levin’s history lessons is how Trump is the least involved in trying to control the news media than all previous presidents – how ironic is that!

  3. Hard to trust someone claiming to be a journalist and author who can only begin every sentence with “I”. For this leeduigon person, living on the planet does not seem to be a team sport (there is no “I” in team)

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