‘The Last Rose of Summer,’ Take Two

The first time I tried to post this lovely song here, I had nothing but problems. So here it is again–The Last Rose of Summer.

This goes straight to my heart. Poems written by Thomas Moore do have a way of doing that (“The Minstrel Boy,” “Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms”). And I can’t see Andrew Rieu and his orchestra without remembering my aunts at Christmas time, and how they loved his music.

Well, the post seems to have worked this time.

And it looks like the worst part of my allergy attack has abated, thanks be to God.

7 comments on “‘The Last Rose of Summer,’ Take Two

  1. It is always so great when the Lord sends His relief from suffering. Thanks be to God for His healing mercies.

  2. That heartening to watch. It’s great that wholesome music and a straightforward presentation can still draw a large audience.

    I grew up in the Rock n’ Roll era and remember some of the ‘50s music when it was contemporary. My parents listened to ballads sung by crooners and my peers listened to Alley Oop and Blueberry Hill. Some of that early Rock was fun and playful, but it grew into a form which promoted immorality and rebellion against much of what was decent.

    Under the surface, however, there was more to it than that. Rock n’ Roll tended to shun musical conventions regarding arranging and how music was produced. It opened the door to creativity, but such creative freedom was not always used as a force for good.

    In contrast, music such as Ande Rieu’s requires a great deal of discipline and adherence to a carefully prepared arrangement. The emphasis is on a finished product and a perfect performance. Few people are willing to put in the effort required to even get to the starting line when it comes to orchestral music. Finding musicians that can actually read is rare; finding musicians that can comprehend an intricate arrangement is even more rare. I’m glad that there’s still an audience for such music.

  3. Sorry, that “here” has to be “hear”! It’s a sign that I ought to go to bed pretty soon…

    1. I first heard it in “Gaslight,” of all movies, and then on a Twilight Zone episode. Took me a long time to find out what it was called.

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