Baby Bunnies

They’re even cuter than grey tree frogs–baby bunnies. I’ll never forget one night, I happened to be standing in the parking lot, and several baby cottontails decided to play a game: chasing each other around me. Well, they grew up in Patty’s garden; I guess they liked us. There I was in the middle of a ring of baby bunnies. My tree frogs never did that.

9 comments on “Baby Bunnies

    1. “I’ve always wanted a bunny, but never had one. I’ve had newts, though. Not quite the same thing.”

      Really? Personally, I can never tell them apart.

      Just joshin’. 🙂

      I got a close-up look at a young cottontail on my bike ride tonight. An absolutely beautiful little creature.

    1. I went through something similar with a cat, a while back. It helped me to keep in mind that I had given her a good life and done the best I could for her.

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