Mr. Nature: Black Swans

We’ve all seen white swans, haven’t we? But for a lot of us, the idea of a black swan would be just a romantic notion, or a bit of poetry.

Not so! Mr. Nature here again: and as long as we’re on the subject of Australian bird life, I’m here to tell you Australia has black swans–and here they are. They sound, to me, like musical instruments that need to be played by someone who has practiced. But it would be a nice sound to hear in the morning, don’t you think?

6 comments on “Mr. Nature: Black Swans

  1. ooooh, wonderful. Swans have always been one of my favorite creatures- white, black, any color. I just love the graceful beauty of these birds. I have several figurines of various sizes and types. Anything “swan” immediately catches my attention.

  2. Some of those “songs” sound like my cat Iggy when he wants me to hurry up into the kitchen. Maybe the swans are part cat (or maybe Iggy is part swan).

    Every time I see or hear about a black swan, I think of Odile, the evil counterpart to the swan-maiden Odette in the ballet “Swan Lake.”

  3. They sound like an oboe, to my ear. Quite beautiful and the soundtrack attracted a certain feline of the Siamese persuasion. She even watched part of the video and took a swipe at them on the screen.

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