Krazy Kookaburras

I don’t know about you, but just listening to these birds carrying on makes me want to laugh, too.

Mr. Nature here, with proof that God does have a sense of humor. He must have, or He wouldn’t have created kookaburras.

Although found only in Australia, the kookaburra’s distinctive loony laughter was a staple in every jungle movie and TV show for decades–and for all I know, still is. The jungle can be in Africa, South America, India, or the Caribbean, it doesn’t matter where–no matter where it is, you hear the kookaburra. Tarzan, Sheena, Jungle Jim, Ramar–they all went about their business with the kookaburra in the soundtrack.


4 comments on “Krazy Kookaburras

  1. Yep, we have all heard them, but I don’t remember ever having seen them. Quite interesting creatures. What would our movies of the genre be without their voices?

    1. They don’t have kookaburras in Central Park? I could have sworn I heard one on a soundtrack once…. (just kidding)

    2. In the original “Treasure Island,” the one with Wallace Beery as Long John Silver, the Caribbean island in question is inhabited by… cassowaries. They’re a long way from their New Guinea home.

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