Are You Naughty or Nice? Ask the Chinese Government

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All aboard! (Nice people only)

(Thanks to Susan for the news tip)

See, this is just the kind of thing that appeals to “progressives.”

Aided by some 200 million facial-recognition cameras in strategic places, Red China’s “social credit” system last month banned 2.5 million “untrustworthy citizens” from traveling by plane–and another 90,000 from traveling by high-speed trail (

So far more than 13 million people have been classified as “untrustworthy,” based on their “daily behavior” and social media activities. According to the Chinese government, this is the way to “restore morality.” Meanwhile, “credible citizens” will be rewarded with an assortment of perks.

Yeahbut, yeahbut, yeahbut! If you don’t say or write or do anything bad, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Providing the highly-computerized system doesn’t mistake you for someone else who’s not so nice.

And of course now every little thing you do wrong is literally a federal offense.

Why do libs go for this sort of thing?

Simply, they can’t tell the difference between government and God.

I pray we have enough sanity left in this country to keep them from ever taking power here. That must not happen ever again.

6 comments on “Are You Naughty or Nice? Ask the Chinese Government

  1. It’s started here in a small way already. Wear a Trump shirt or a MAGA hat and see what happens. Or be a recognizable member of the Trump team or even a recognizable Republican Senator or Congressman and see what happens in a DC restaurant — or softball practice. Or just work at an organization that appears on the SPLC “hate” list and see what happens.

    It even happens to kids who get suspended from school for wearing the “wrong” t-shirt, make a face when perversion is introduced during class time, use the “wrong” pronoun, bite pop tarts into shapes that look like guns, etc., etc., etc.

    And then there’s the doxxing epidemic….

  2. And if the Party decides they don’t like you and claim things about you that are not true, how do you get justice? You don’t. I imagine there are at least one million Hong Kong citizens on the Party’s naughty list.

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