Laugh Break

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I can’t stand any more nooze! How about a funny story instead?

This is a true story from an impeccable source. I think.

“I was fishin’ down the river one day, and wouldn’t you know it, I ran out of worms. I wanted to keep on fishin’, but how could I do it without bait?

“Just then a copperhead came slitherin’ along with a nice big worm in its mouth. Well, I wanted that worm! So I took my flask of whiskey and poured a little sip into the copperhead’s mouth. He dropped the worm and slithered away real fast, and I had the bait I needed.

“I no sooner put the worm on the hook when I heard a rustlin’ in the bushes. It was the copperhead, come back. And he had another worm…” And a newfound taste for whiskey, I guess.

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  1. My father-in-law used to tell about the time he wanted to try out his new rifle, but back in the day shooting ranges were scarce. So he put on his hip waders and waded down the creek toward the woods to do some target practice.

    Sure enough, pretty soon he saw an otter! Not only that but there were two otters, one on either side of the creek. Not wanting to waste bullets, he took aim at a rock in the middle of the stream—-blam! He shot the rock in two, and the pieces flew in each direction, immediately killing those otters. But the recoil was more than he expected, and knocked him flat on his back in the creek. When he got up though, his hip waders were full of trout, and there was such a big catfish in his shirt that it popped a button off and killed a partridge to boot! His best day in the wilderness, for sure!

    But seriously, the one that got away was Gallgoid.

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