Now They Want Us to Eat… People

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If you were worried that our looniversities are the worst in the world, relax–the ones in England are every bit as bad as ours.

Y’know how “experts” are always trying to talk us peasants into eating bugs, To Save The Planet? It’s really so they can laugh at us behind our backs–but now they’ve come up with something worse.

According to a pair of psychology profs at Lancaster University, it’s gettin’ to be time for us humans “to overcome our repulsion and disgust” when it comes to chowing down on our fellow human beings (  Oh, not yet, not yet! the profs reassure us. We can still indulge this totally unreasonable little prejudice against eating human flesh–which is, say the profs, “not the product of reason and may even contract reason.”

Which only goes to show you what “reason” is worth when uncoupled from a fear of God.

Oh! And then there’s this argument. This one is the crusher. Who can hope to stand against it? Ready? Brace yourself. Here it is:

We should practice cannibalism [drum roll]… because some animals do it!

Devastating, wouldn’t you say?

Dudes! The reason (yeah, see, we’ve got reasons) we don’t eat each other is because man is made in the image of God and because we each of us belong to God, who created us, breathed into us our living souls, and redeemed us to eternal life by the shed blood of His son, Our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s for the same reason we don’t commit murder, theft, adultery, etc–at least, we ought not to do these things, and we know they’re wrong. We dare not treat the image of our God, which we can see in each other, with such disrespect. And if we do, we have sinned. The fact that we regularly break God’s moral laws does not in any way diminish their authority.

It’s true that the Bible offers us a shocking instance of cannibalism in 2 Kings 6:28-30. Besieged by enemies, the city of Samaria has run out of food; and two women appeal to the king to decide which one’s infant child ought to be eaten first. You may have noticed the the Bible is not entirely about nice people doing nice things. That the people were so hard pressed as to cast off this “taboo” merely shows one of the things that happen in a fallen world of which war and sieges are a part.

But the two psych profs at Lancaster say it’ll be less difficult for us than we think, to shed our taboos and get into eating people. It might be necessary, one o’ these days. To Save The Planet, dontcha know.

Higher education–where moral imbeciles go to be called smart.

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