This Kitten’s a Show-Off

Some people, you put ’em on camera, and they can’t contain themselves. This particular kitten shares that trait with them. But it’s his first time in a new apartment, so maybe you can’t blame him for getting excited. Our two kittens got so excited over being in a new place, you’d think there were a dozen of them.

3 comments on “This Kitten’s a Show-Off

  1. It must be fun to be a cat. I say this, because as kittens grow up and discover their feline abilities, they seem to take great pleasure in every discovery. Bounding sideways, stiff legged; they obviously love doing that. Jumping up and down from objects of various heights; another feline pleasure we can only watch with envy.

    Then they discover the “purr box” and treat us to one of nature’s more lovely sounds. More than once, on a quiet Saturday afternoon, when things didn’t seem as if they could get any better, my cat would start to purr and things DID get better.

    I have long felt that cats give us a unique insight into God’s nature. He must have an incredible sense of humor and appreciation for irony to have made the cat.

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