Fizzicks Fore Mynorites!!!

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Waht a fantatstick idear “thay” has at Standfurd it is spacial fizzicks “fore” Mynorite Stodents!!!! (

Yiu see,, thay has got “to” do thiss becose Fizzicks it is Racist and tooo menny “whyte peple” thay “studdy” it and so “thare is” Not enuph Divercity!!! Themb Racists thay “are” verry Sneeky so thay has maked Fizzicks it is Too Hard “for” Mynorite Stodents whith al “this” Stuph in it lyke Gravvaty and Mass–blank-blanket, how didd “thay” sneek Mass into Fizzicks??? I bet it “was” themb Cathlicks who didded it!!! doughnt thay know “it is” Un-Consatucionol to putt Religgin into Scyance???

Hear at Our Collidge us in “the” Stodent Soviet we “are” goingto Go one Steppe farthor!! We are “goingto” putt “in” a Rool that says no whyte peple thay Cant “studdy” no Fizzicks annymoar!!!!!!!!!! Only thenn whil “we” has Troo Divercity!!! Fromb now “on” alll Fizzicks it whil “be” for Parsons of Collor ownly!!!

Oncet yiu has “got” “a” deegree in Fizzicks yiu will be abel to bild “a” Rockit Shipp and Fligh it To “otther” Plannits!!! Our Collidge it can has It’s Own Spayce Pogrom!!! We dought has one Now becose “of” Racism!!!!

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  1. Uh-oh, a little intersectionality problem here — the feminists claim physics and math are patriarchal phallologocentric misogynistic impositions on wymyn, and now these [repeat sjw adjectives] subjects are being imposed on minorities, many of whom may be wymyn. (Or wymyn-identifying. Or something. One does tend to lose track of all the sections in the intersectionality catalog.) 🙂

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