‘From Kindergarten to Kollege in One Step’ (2014)

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It’s really college prep…

So they canceled the kindergarten show because they thought the four- and five-year-olds needed to spend the time getting ready for college. You don’t know whether to burst out laughing or take off your hat and bow your head for a moment of silence.

From Kindergarten to Kollege, in One Step

When I said the “educators” have leaf-litter for brains, I was being charitable. But the parents who send their children to be “taught” by these clowns are not much better.

Actually, the way college is now, a four-year-old ought to do quite well there.

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  1. Let children be children, which means, keep them far away from government schools. Take your children to museums and public places and events. Watch educational videos with them, expose them to quality people , take them to church, and above all talk with them. Is it any wonder that children of professional people like doctors and lawyers have a much greater vocabulary than the children of non-professional people.

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