Can I Get 10,000 Hits?

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It’s rare for this blog to get 10,000 views in a month, but I hope I have a better chance than this chameleon has of latching onto those soap bubbles.

We have averaged 300 views a day here, all year long. We have 9,400 views for August with two days left to go. So two more average days will do it.

Now, if I could figure out a way to sell more books, that would really be something…

10 comments on “Can I Get 10,000 Hits?

  1. I keep suggesting your books, but don’t know if I’m getting any takers.
    I have been going through a tight financial situation; my younger son who is disabled and on low income sometimes needs my help, so I don’t have much spending money left even for good books.

  2. Will do. I know there are so few really suitable books like these for young people especially.

  3. That’s quite the chameleon feat.

    All I can state is that your books are some of the best, wholesome entertainment out there. I’ve pretty much given up on TV and movies because I’m tired of subjects that have to put in a plug for immorality at every turn. Step right up, folks.

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