Hihgh Marcks for Marx!!!!

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Wow! Laber Day it is “ownly one” moar munth awaye and did yiu “see” waht thare Doing “at” Bingumtan Unavercity??? Oh we has just “got” “to” “do” it hear at Our Collidge! Thare hole Sosology Deportmint thay “are” giving Creddits for Actavism and aslo for Re-Interpretating Carl Marx!! (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13645)

Hear it is a kwote! “Laber, femmanast, LGTBQ++, aunty-Colowniel, Rachel Jutstus, and aunty-knee-o-libbarel Moovmints thay Rezisst the Struckxtures of Power!!!!!” Did yiu ever hear Any “Thing” as interllectural as that???? I getted Smarter “jist” readin it!!!

Carl Marx he infentid Commbunism it is so grate!!! Ownly Commbunism it is abel to Save The Planet fromb Climbit Chainge!!! That is wye Captolists thay hat it so mutch!!! becose themb captolists thay ownly “whant” to get evry boddy Drownded so “thay” “can” Maike a prophit!!! Witch is waht “willl” hapen “if” we Dont has Commbunism sooon!!!!!

Me I culd reely Use themb Extrer Creddits for Actavism,, like Keeying some biggit’s Car or throing Rocks at thare House!!! And aslo i amb a wizz at Re-Interpetating stuph!!! Yiu naime it,, i wil Re-Interpretait “it”!!!!!

Our hole Nothing Studdies Deportmint wee are al fore “this”!! We whant “to” Sho themb Sosolology stodents that we is jist “As” Actavist as thay “are”!!! like my one prefesser ze sayes “We has “got” to bern Evry Thing down befour we “can” bild Yutopiah on the roons!”!”

4 comments on “Hihgh Marcks for Marx!!!!

  1. It’s astounding that anyone could claim the theories of Marx to be successful. The colleges are framing their own doom, but sadly they are framing everyone else’s doom too.

  2. The only true Marxists in America are the ones teaching in our institutions of Lower Learning. The socialists politicians just use the rhetoric of equality, fairness, tax the rich, etc. to get votes, knowing they will never be able to deliver on their promises of free stuff.

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