Play Ball! (Animals Only)

You can always have a ball with a ball! Watch the tegu lizard go to town when the ball rolls his way; and the tortoise is no slouch, either. We’ve even got a fish playing ball.

My cats have totally given up chasing jingly balls. I wonder if fish lose interest in it, too, somewhere down the line.

3 comments on “Play Ball! (Animals Only)

  1. My last cat really never had any interest in the jingly balls, but he would occasionally do a little swat or two, more to humor me than for his own enjoyment.

  2. Some of those were heartwarming. You could tell that the animals really enjoyed playing. That lizard was funny, likewise the tortoise. I felt sorry for the pig. They all interacted with the ball in their own way. That fish was amazing. Obviously, we have much to learn about animals.

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