‘Schooling vs. Education’

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This insightful piece by Andrea Schwartz appeared in 2010 in the Chalcedon Blog.


Think about it: you knock yourself out to give your child a good, solid homeschooled education… and then you send him off to “college”? Plug him into “the artificial environment of college,” with peer pressure and arrogant left-wing professors taking the place of family and church? “To funnel these bright, homeschooled graduates into the modern education system makes little sense,” Andrea writes.

Even in 2010, nine years ago, there were good alternatives to a public college “education.” Today there are even more.

Homeschooling is a key to re-Christianizing America and saving it from dumbed-down socialism. Don’t abandon it just because your kid turns 18.

Kill public education, and Far Left Crazy dies.

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  1. It has been said that the A college student becomes a professor with tenure, a B college student becomes a banker or lawyer, and a C college student becomes a businessman and makes more money than the others.

  2. Yup. Education can happen anywhere and “anywhen”. Schooling is a whole different animal.

    It’s different for us here in Canada in one respect, though. When you say “college”, you’re talking about what are universities, here. College is something else. Basically, you get a diploma from a college, and a degree from a university. So while I homeschooled my girls, if the topic of “higher” education came up, I encouraged them to consider going into a trade, which they could do in college, not university.


  3. I’ve been on the receiving end of some real disdain for not having a degree, but I stay busy and earn a better living than many people with degrees.

    About the only thing a degree would do for me is that I would have had greater exposure to one single programming language. As it is, I’ve worked in quite a few, but don’t have exceptional depth in any.

  4. There’s an old saying most of us have heard. Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. In one of my favorite movies, a boy has lost his father to battle, and with his uncle, he’s looking and holding the uncle’s sword, possibly thinking about revenge. The uncle takes back the sword. Then says learn to use this (He’s pointing to the boy’s head.), then I’ll teach you to use this (He holds up the sword.). There’s a far cry difference between learning and understanding. In the first, we have information without understanding. In the second, young people learn, think, and realize, seeing application to the real world. Parents are responsible for teaching their kids responsibility and family values, punishing them when they don’t/won’t listen. Love also includes consequences. Without these, most kids grow up like ships without sails. They’re looking for someone to have the answers. We have the answers. We have to live our lives by our own resources. And we have to self-develop these resources.

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