The Family Iguana

I had my iguana for 17 years; but this Japanese family had theirs for 23! Theirs even looks like mine, and the video brings me close to tears. (Average lifespan in captivity: ten years)

Iguanas are social animals, and they have to be socialized. Like mine, this iguana was thoroughly integrated into family life and the result was a wonderful pet. My iguana loved to cuddle with people–or dogs or cats, if no people were available. Would you believe it? He died in 1978, and I miss him still.

As you can see, these are really big lizards. But they start out little, and that’s when you should start teaching them how to be good. Believe me, they learn.

The only thing they can’t do as pets, assuming you raised them right, is… be furry!

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  1. I had an Iguana several years ago but was unable to continue care because I had to move but found someone who wanted him. I would carry him(when he was small) with tail outside the blouse near the collar bone. He loved that. I am still sad.:)

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