Work It Bloes!!!!!

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We hadded a lexture This morninge “in” Nothing Studdies it was grate!! It was al abote how we “are” goingto has Socilism hear in Americka,, al we has got”to” “do” is eeleckt Any Demmocart and fromb nhow On the guvvermint it “willl” Take “care of yiu” al the tyme and “evry” thing it wil be Freee!!! and no boddy thay wont has to Work no moar evver Agin!!!!

Free houses, Free helth cair, Free foood, Free viddio Game, and Free Collidge Tution for evry boddy (exsept christoins thay shuddnt get Nothing!),, and aslo No moar Work!! No boddy wont has to Work “becose” Rowbots thay whil “do” Alll The work!!!

It whil be Parradice!!!!!!!!!! Thare woont be nothing “to” “do” but eet and Go to Class and whatch moovies and play Viddio Games and aslo play whith Play-Doh!!! And aslo lots and lots of Secks!!!! How grate Is that?? Espatially no moar Work!!!

The Prefesser she sayed Work it bloes!! and no boddy “butt” christins and Haters thay whil be “the” ownly wones whoo “has got” to Work!!! She Sayed “Watt do yiu whant to Do “whith” yore Lyfe,, jist work And Work “and” Work???” And somb Racist he sayed How dose al “This Free Stuph” get payed fore??? What a iddiate!!!!! Jist lyke Alaxander Ocasional Cortex she sayes,, “the” guvvermint thay jist keeep Printin moar Mony,, tons and tons of Mony,, and “it” will Pay “fore” evry Thing!!! Whith enuohgh leffed Over to give Evry Boddy a Hundrid $1 Hundrid Dolors for thare Own!!!

Jist thinck of It!!! Nothing to do, nothing evver agan that yiu “has” got “To” Do!!!! Becose the guvvermint It whil “do” evry Thing “fore” yiu!!!Yiu wooont evin has to Get “out” of Bed iff yiu dont wanto!!!

I thinck i whill “go out” and Voat rihght now!!!!!!

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  1. The Left loves to extol the greatness of ancient Greece and Rome, when in reality most of the population were slaves. So Collige Joe prefers enslavement, thinking he won’t have to work, when in reality if he did work, and work hard and smart, he could create freedom for himself.

    1. That’s an excellent point. Confiscatory taxation becomes a form of slavery. I don’t mind paying my share and I’ve paid hundreds of thousands in taxes, so I can back up my words with demonstrated actions. However, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect that my tax monies are used for the greater good. In many ways, they demonstrably are. Earlier today, I drove nearly 400 miles on the Interstate Highway system and I’m happy to have had that available.

      But many of the things I used for that trip were made by private enterprise and paid for voluntarily. I drove past any number of restaurants this morning, before selecting the one I wanted. I bought gas where I saw fit. The sat’ radio I listened to was something I pay for voluntarily, just as the brand of car (Mazda) was a conscious choice along with the mobile telephone provider I use. I don’t have a lot of choice in Interstate highways, in fact, the only way out of my neighborhood is I-10, but almost everything else in today’s trip and today’s transactions came down to market choice, including the fact that I drove 187 miles because I trust this mechanic and have had too many bad experiences elsewhere.

      Those choices are valuable to me. They are mine to make. One could argue against any of them, and that is their right, but it’s my money, my time and, ultimately, my choice. This is the Free Market at work. Most importantly, the Free Market is a great leveler of the playing field. People wait in line to buy an In and Out Burger, because it is of high quality and very tasty. This ultimately means that their competitors will have to keep their standards of quality up to a certain level or all of their customers will choose to wait in line over at In and Out. I drive a Mazda, because 38 years of experience with the brand has demonstrated to me that their quality and dependability is very high.

      In a socialist system the choices are limited and, in some cases, there are no choices at all. How many people enjoy going to the Driver’s License office. How about Social Security? I’ve been in the Social Security office on three occasions (to take care of one simple problem cause by a typographical error on their part) but it took three trips to accomplish something as simple as changing two characters in my account information. Two mistyped letters when they computerized the records, and I spent hours waiting to get it fixed. That’s because there’s no incentive for these workers. I speak from experience, I was a GS-11 and quit in disgust, preferring to return to the challenge of the private sector.

      In a socialist system, everything eventually becomes like the Driver’s License office and/or the Social Security office. If they ever push the US into true socialism (and they are trying to do that very thing) the results will only be to the liking of the select few.

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