UK Noozie: Good Grammar is ‘Racist’

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Joe Collidge lives! He has pioneered spelling any word any old way you please, and making up grammar as he goes along–and now the data editor (whatever that is) of a major British newspaper agrees with him.

“Grammar snobs are patronizing, pretentious, and just plain wrong,” says this yo-yo at The Guardian. And “minorities” shouldn’t be expected to know grammar. (

So who, again, is “patronizing” and “pretentious”?

But let’s hear from Joe Collidge himself:

I has bin sayin This “all” “alonge” that gramer It “is” Racist!! and this hear jist gose “to” Proove it!!, “and” i kanow i aint not Rong “abote” it neether!!!

I wonder if Walter Williams or Thomas Sowell realizes he’s being a white supremacist by using proper grammar. Maybe they, as Minorities, shouldn’t be allowed to use it. After all, it’s a form of White Privilege, to be able to communicate clearly.

Or, as Constable Chumley would say, “Yair fithen me cransion, I forrit!”

9 comments on “UK Noozie: Good Grammar is ‘Racist’

  1. Hah! Both of my grandmothers would have been labeled by these gooks. One was Danish, the other Welch and both were meticulous about their spelling and grammar. Their offspring were not allowed to get sloppy. Oh, well, thankfully they are not around to see this nonsense.

  2. The purpose of writing and grammar is to communicate. I try to communicate accurately and have always desired to use words correctly. If you reverse engineer the assertions of this editor, apparently he is asserting that only white, privileged people are capable of using good grammar. Really?

    I come from a modest background and certainly was unable to pursue much in the way of higher education, but that hasn’t prevented me from learning to express myself accurately with the written (or for that matter, spoken) word. That doesn’t imply that I look down upon persons who are not able to write or speak as clearly.

    One of my coworkers speaks English with a strong accent and can be difficult to understand. It requires all of my concentration to understand him, but I find him enjoyable and usually well worth the effort required to understand. He’s a likable person, knowledgeable and in possession of a great sense of humor. I don’t feel superior to him in any way and our communication difficulties are a result of the fact that we were born halfway around the globe from one another. I work on a network which spans four continents, there are bound to be some challenges involved. That doesn’t make me racist.

    I refuse to indulge the self loathing which seems to be the calling card of the Left.

    1. There’s a trick to liberal self-loathing. The more you express it, the more you convince yourself that you’re a great and virtuous human being–so much better than those peasants out there.

    2. That’s just the sort of comment I’d expect from you. 🙂 Just kidding!

      You make a great point. A lot of this reduces to virtue signaling and fake empathy is a wonderful tactic if virtue signaling is your goal.

  3. Last night on The Laura Ingraham Show” on Fox, Candace Farmer was on there, the one who began Blexit (blacks leaving the Democrat Party). She found out from the other black lady who is a big time Liberal that if you support conservative values you are a White Supremacist, even if you are a person of color. And Mayor Pete let us know in the recent Dem Debate that if you support Trump’s immigration policies you are a racist. Whew! I can’t keep up with all the names I am called because I am a patriotic white person who claims Christ is Lord.

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