‘Continuing: Christians Purged from U.S. Military’ (2016)

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Purge trials–Democrats love ’em

Are we as grateful as we ought to be, that the Obama administration is no more and that there was no Hillary Clinton administration to finish what he’d started?

Looking back only as far as 2016, we see what the Obama gang got up to: energetically trying to purge Christians from the U.S. military.

Continuing: Christians Purged from U.S. Military

Thank God for Donald Trump. That poisonous little bubo Mikey Weinstein is gone, his hotline to the White House disconnected, and no more banning Bibles and Christmas cards from VA hospitals just because little Mikey hates Jesus. President Trump put a stop to all that. He deserves to be re-elected.

We must never again allow Democrats to take power in our country. Never again.

3 comments on “‘Continuing: Christians Purged from U.S. Military’ (2016)

  1. I agree, never again. Pray that all the right people acquire all the information needed to assure it never happens. Too many Christians have become too complacent and “tuned out”. We are not to make politics our main focus, but we are to stay aware of what is happening.

  2. You’re right, my blood is boiling. So thankful for President Trump, and also for his spiritual counselors like Robert Jeffress, Franklin Graham, James Robinson, Jay Sekulow, and all those who faithfully pray for him to have the mind of Christ.

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