They’ve Got to be Kidding

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Better not!

Some college fimbo on CNN recently advised Christians to keep their thoughts and their prayers to themselves–because atheists don’t like it when your thoughts and prayers go out to them (

Can I wake up now? I don’t like this anymore. Must’ve been something I ate…

Anyway, says the professor, praying for an atheist is hateful, it’s a microaggression, it’s as bad as “sexually lewd comments,” and they’d actually pay money to avoid having prayers and benevolent thoughts sent out to them.

Uh… how do they know someone is “sending thoughts” to them? Are atheists clairvoyant? All right, saying “I will pray for you,” or “My thoughts are with you,” well, then of course they’d know–because you told them. But how would they know if you didn’t tell them? So don’t tell them.

“Sending thoughts and prayers in the wake of disasters is controversial,” says CNN. Especially when you “send” them toward people who are “prayer averse.” Now it’s starting to sound like pirate radio broadcasts. Are all these people nuts?

Says Jesus Christ, in holy Scripture, “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you” (Matthew 7:6).

Your prayers are between you and God. Unless you’re making a public prayer for a public purpose–say, a church service–there’s no need to make it into a production number. You can pray for anyone, at any time. You can ask for prayers.

And you don’t have to watch CNN. Ever.


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  1. For far too long, Christians have been trying their best to “get along” with these people and that’s the problem. You don’t like my religion? Tough! You don’t like my God — and especially when I say He is YOUR God as well? Too damned bad. We have GOT to stop trying to placate people who take their marching orders from their OWN god, Satan!

    I suggest that all of these awful “schools” (what a horrible name for them!) build a bomb shelter next to their septic tanks or sewer outlets (appropriate!) for these “snowflakes” to go when they are victims of a “micro aggression” while ordinary folks go about their business and pray if they wish to do so. Frankly, Scarlett, I for one don’t give a damn what problems they have with us!

    1. You might be right. “But the church can never have peaceful coexistence with atheism. Everybody would laugh if I would say that health can peacefully exist with the microbe of tuberculosis, that the FBI can coexist peacefully with gangsters, that the church can peacefully exist with drunkenness, but communism and atheism is much worse than drug addiction and drunkenness.” -Richard Wurmbrand

  2. Valerie, I am in agreement with you on this. We owe them nothing in the way of compromise, apology or even attention. Too many “churches” are trying to go along to get along, saying we much not be un-loveable. OK, but is it loveable to let a toddler play in traffic and do nothing?

  3. I privately pray for my no -believing friends because God can change their hearts without a single bit of help fro me outside of the offered prayer. Our God is the only God and they will be facing Him in judgment one day.

    1. I refuse to watch it. My retinologist has two waiting rooms, the outer one, then after your screening you are sent to the inner one, with CNN blaring from several TVs. I always tell them to look for me I. The outer room. I’m not going to expose myself to that garbage.

  4. They have no idea what they are asking. They don’t know it is the prayers, even the very presence, of Christians that is holding back the full potential of real evil.
    Besides that, words are words and thoughts are thoughts….it’s like my philosophy with Facebook: if you see/hear/read something you don’t like, just keep on scrolling.

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