Now *That* Cat’s Special!

Here’s a cat who’s appointed herself the protector of a flock of chickens. She won’t even let them fight with each other. She sleeps with a couple of the baby chicks–and see what happens? They’ve imprinted on her! They follow her around. And if any stray cat manages to sneak into the chicken-yard–well, he’ll be sorry.

I’m sure my iguana would’ve done the same things if I’d provided him with a yard full of chickens.

3 comments on “Now *That* Cat’s Special!

  1. One more reason why cats are special. They can surprise us by acts that are considered uncharacteristic of their species. Reminds us of the days
    of the lion that lies down with the lamb.

  2. “And the Siamese will lay down with the chickens.” 🙂

    That’s really enjoyable. I liked the style of the video, as well as the content. Animals always amaze me with their instinctive wisdom.

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