Today’s Worst Idea

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Betcha never knew you had a monster hiding out up there!

Who’s writing these headlines? Like this one: “Brain chip created for US soldiers to take out enemies with their minds.” (  What exactly does that mean?

Well, according to the article I read, they’ve developed a “brain-computer interface strip” that will enable soldiers “to control equipment with their thoughts.”

Uh… Are we sure we want to do that? What if the soldier develops some, er, unusual ideas about what that main battle tank should do? Didn’t any of these people ever see Forbidden Planet? Don’t they know what happens if the id is allowed to impact directly on the physical world?

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9).

There are an awful lot of not-so-nice things floating around in the hearts and subconscious minds of fallen human beings. Let’s not couple it with power.

11 comments on “Today’s Worst Idea

  1. And every sociopath in the world will be standing in line to get one of those brain chips. Sounds like a plan … a really stupid and dangerous one.

    (Crotchety semantic note: I always cringe when someone says “sounds like a plan” as an indication of approval. Of course a proposal is a plan. But is it a workable one? Is it an ethical one? Who cares, apparently, as long as it’s a plan — no, it doesn’t even have to BE a plan; it just has to sound like one. Grrrrrrrrrr.)

    I apologize. And if you respond with “Sounds like a plan,” I will find you and make you eat one of Violet Crepuscular’s toothpaste sandwiches.

  2. Truth. This movie cannot be found on line for some reason. Has any one seen V for Vendetta? Big false flag in that movie by gov.:)

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