‘D.C. Schools Assign Kids to Compare Bush to Hitler’ (2014)

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So which one is it, teachers?

This is more confusing than it used to be. It’s five years later–is George Bush still Hitler, or is Donald Trump Hitler now? Does a Democrat ever get a turn to be Hitler?

DC School Assigns Kids to Compare Bush to Hitler

If you are a Christian and you’re sending your children to be “educated” at a public school run by Far Left Crazy “teachers” and their union, and administrators with holes in their heads that you can actually see through–

Please! What good do you think can possibly come of that?

They are doing a major number on the children in the Western countries, and it’s the parents’ fault.


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  1. Hitler is it? He seems quite the opposite to me. A little over the top in some of his comments, etc. but nothing like der Fuhrer.

    1. Bush was such a wuss. He always allowed Democrats to kick sand in his face. And they still thought he was Hitler–when all he was, was their punching bag.

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