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‘Teacher’ Reassigned for Forcing Opinions on Middle School Students

A middle school teacher in Florida has been “reassigned”–that means yanked from the classroom, but still getting paid–for giving students a quiz in which one of the multiple-choice questions listed President Donald Trump as “Republican. Real Estate businessman. Idiot.”

Do you think any teacher who called Obama an idiot would be allowed to remain anonymous? Think riots. Think hate crime charges. Think nationwide breast-beating outrage.

As icing on the cake, this quiz was administered to a class in computer applications. That’s according to a newspaper article published by GateHouse Media. The reporter probably went to journalism school: the article combines two different “teachers” in two different school districts in two different years into one rather confusing news story. Then again, it might’ve been the fault of clumsy and inept editing.

Hats off to the parent who brought this to the attention of the school principal AND posted the quiz on social media for millions of viewers to see. The embarrassment and public outcry forced the principal to do something about it. Hey, out there! More of you should be embarrassing your local school officials! It’s the only way to get them to remember who they work for.

Will this blockhead of a “teacher” get fired? Generally the only way a unionized public school teacher can actually lose his or her job is by dying. Or wearing a MAGA hat. But I’m sure the school officials did not appreciate being nationally pilloried; and they might find some way to convince the “teacher” not to do it again.


‘D.C. Schools Assign Kids to Compare Bush to Hitler’ (2014)

See the source image

So which one is it, teachers?

This is more confusing than it used to be. It’s five years later–is George Bush still Hitler, or is Donald Trump Hitler now? Does a Democrat ever get a turn to be Hitler?


If you are a Christian and you’re sending your children to be “educated” at a public school run by Far Left Crazy “teachers” and their union, and administrators with holes in their heads that you can actually see through–

Please! What good do you think can possibly come of that?

They are doing a major number on the children in the Western countries, and it’s the parents’ fault.


Hey, We Try

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On this blog alone there are enough “education follies” posts to fill a good-sized book–actual news reports of real follies and outrages perpetrated by what we laughingly call “public education.”

In spite of the mass of information to the contrary, tens of millions of our fellow Americans continue to send their children to public schools to be educated by strangers trained by very Far Left teachers’ unions–and then on to college to finish the job. Why do they do this?

After some fruitless conversation in a chat room yesterday, it was made clear to me again, for the umpteenth hundredth time, that people simply refuse to believe the truth about public education. The truth is plain for all to see: it would take some effort to miss it. Nevertheless, most of America does not see. Decide for yourself whether it’s because they really can’t see or have just chosen, obstinately, not to see.

Yesterday the thing they refused to believe (the people I was chatting with) was that the single biggest lesson taught in public schools is that your age-group peers–other kids–are the most important people in your life. So you must please them, you must conform to their expectations, you must try, no matter what the cost, to be popular. They are much more important than your family. Your family is so un-cool! Boring! But conformity with your “friends” is everything.

That was the case even when I went to school, way back when.

It is still the case now.

Uh, people–could you, like, just take a minute to look at our freakin’ culture? Do you like what you see? Really?

Sing louder.

Keep trying.

God help us.

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